My body is a home, not an outfit

This disingenuous trans bullshit has to stop. It’s enough. Trans women are males. They are male. They are people who are men who want to be perceived as women. “Treated” as women. (You know, without all the female specific things that only happen to female people like vaginal rape, menstruation, pregnancy, endo, pcos, miscarriage, abortion, fgm, femicide, and on and on). They are males who are spearheading a massive gaslighting campaign against women and especially lesbian women and calling it feminism. Feminism is not for male people who want to be seen as women. Feminism is for females. It is for the liberation of women from male supremacy.

Female is not a feeling, and woman is not an identity. Female people matter, we deserve our own space, we have a right to create and defend that space, we have a right to our bodies and to determine who has access to them, we have a right to name our oppression, and we have a right and a responsibility to defeat patriarchy for the freedom and wellbeing of women everywhere.

We have no obligation to examine our sexualities to validate male people who want to be lesbians. Lesbians are homosexual females, that is females who are EXCLUSIVELY attracted to females. There is no room for debate. Males cannot have that word, not ever. It is not up to lesbians to placate males and make them feel like women by fucking them. It is not women’s job to make males feel better about themselves. Lesbians DO NOT have to re-examine any part of their boundaries to appease males. We have ZERO responsibility to have any contact with any males ever if that is our wish. Saying that a history of rape is the only acceptable escape from relationships with male people and their male penises is RAPE APOLOGY couched in appropriated and misinformed ‘feminist’ language. It is abusive, it is cruel, and it is backlash against women who love women.

My body is not something I wear. It’s something I inhabit, wholly, I am connected to every millimeter of myself, intimately. I do not identify as this body. I EXIST as it. I do not take it off, I do not apply it, I do not step in to or out of it and MALES CAN NOT HAVE IT.