Of course trans women aren’t women. You can’t

Of course trans women aren’t women. You can’t ‘trans’ sex. You can’t change sex. You can be in between sexes or have indeterminate sex, we all know this, but this isn’t about intersex people but people who choose to claim a sex other than their own. But no, males who perform the gender roles normally assigned/attributed to/forced on women aren’t becoming women. Males medically and surgically altering their bodies to APPEAR more female does not and will never make them female. Femalehood consists of more than the appearance of being female. Males cannot be lesbians because a lesbian is a female attracted to females. Males performing their version of ‘woman’ are not lesbians, they are men who fetishize lesbians and lie to women (and themselves). Body dysmorphic disorder and dysphoria are mental conditions to be treated, not physical symptoms of an adaptable reality. I get it—I wouldn’t want to be a man, either. Gender is rough for both sexes, except it’s only one gender’s fault so not a lot of sympathy to be had there (patriarchy consists of males, remember—all of them). I understand that trans people face male violence and other societal discrimination and abuse. Performing femininity is ALWAYS dangerous, or did you never ask a woman about that? Being a woman, being perceived as a woman, or being a male who doesn’t quite pull off ‘woman’ is incredibly dangerous. Lesbian/radical feminists are very aware of this and are fighting tooth and vag to end gendered violence and the abhorrence of femininity and femaleness.

It’s funny because lesbian/radical feminists constantly get told we are essentialists. What’s more essential, the idea that femaleness is hugely complicated and consists of chromosomal, biological, physiological  cultural, and personal ramifications, or that being a woman is what you wear and how you feel in your individual head? Btw no one’s ever answered what a woman feels like without resorting to stereotyping.

I’m a woman, that is, an adult human female. I’ve made an informed and conscious choice to not be around men for a number of valid reasons, none of which should be necessary to mention as “I don’t want to be around men/penises/people who think they are men/masculinity etc” is sufficient. Just because I’m female I’m taught to be defensive, explain my reasoning, and be persuaded of my wrongness. I’m not wrong. Men are dangerous, men who believe they are female (more female than females even) are dangerous, and males have no place in feminism, which is for liberation FROM males.

Here’s what I don’t understand. I don’t perform the feminine gender in totality. My head hair is short, body hair unrestrained, I don’t wear make-up or other traditionally feminine accoutrements because I don’t want to. I used to, though. I still wear “women’s” clothes (you know, the shit without proper pockets and buttons that never do up high enough and sizes that never align with reality) because “men’s clothes” fit even worse and also I happen to like colours other than blue, black, and grey. Anything you wear or any way you physically alter your appearance is related to gender—which is what transgender folk are actually trans-ing. Why not eliminate the idea that there is a proper way to be a man or woman, and it mostly depends on how you look? Why maintain that gender, delineated into a strict hierarchy with femininity on the bottom and masculinity as the ultimate, is right and good? Why not just wear whatever the fuck you want, as I will continue to do and encourage other women to do, and be done with it? Trans your clothes and hair all you want, but recognize sex is immutable. 

There is nothing a male can do to become female. I’m sorry the capitalist patriarchal medical establishment deceived you into thinking otherwise, but there is no such thing as a sex CHANGE. Sex is more than vagina (and SO much more than neo-vag, and conflating an intricate organ system with a hole for cock is so misogynistic I could puke) and sex is more than  affectation and attire. Women are more than transwomen give us credit for, and now they’re pissed we’re calling them out for their bullshit, all because they are males who will never reach the depths of our reality. I keep hearing, let us in, let us in! Let us consume you, subsume you, let us among and into you, let us recreate you, let us do you better than you can, we are the same. But women know better, we’ve earned our spaces, our labels, and the sanctity of our sex to not be warped into meaninglessness. 

I keep hearing that lesbians are terrible allies because we don’t acquiesce to males demanding access. I think transwomen are the worst allies I’ve ever fucking heard of, to women and lesbians. It’s become sickeningly obvious that the only valuable lesbians to transwomen are the ones who submit to the gaslighting, silencing, and manipulation—by saying, it’s okay, I’m one of the good lesbians, I’ll fuck your dick! Doesn’t this remind anyone of men who accuse feminists of being unfuckable dyke monsters? Then you get the libfems/bihets saying, it’s okay, I’m one of the good feminists, I still fuck dick! I’m not blaming women for this. I’m only too familiar with how relentless and abusive this shit can be, as well as how tempting it can be to just accept it. Women, I beg you, don’t accept it. Be kind to human beings who need it and respectful to all who haven’t disrespected you, but don’t dissolve your boundaries on the word of someone you’ve no reason to trust. Don’t take a be-dicked person’s word that they know woman as well as you know woman. They never will, and they know this so instead, and pay attention, they are changing the definitions and requirements for woman, female, and lesbian to suit them and push us out. Steady your stance and brace yourselves.