By misogynists I mean men. You can see this with almost any man, whether you love him or never met him before. He will try to keep the attention on himself, often offering unneeded and disturbingly uninformed ‘explanations’, making his presence known, seeking simple assistance or direction, telling boring, repetitive stories—goodness forbid you get two men going or MORE. This intrusive behaviour evolved from/into/IS men using women to do what they’ve for millions of years—and under patriarchal coercion for thousands—which is tending their needs. Mothering, (potential) intercourse, self-aggrandizement. Often there is no LOGICAL reason for men to believe women’s attention in any form at all is their entitlement. It’s what men and boys have been taught all their lives; girls and women have learnt men need and should receive their attention to the exclusion of all else.

When women want to be alone together, this is a threat. When women announce they want to be alone together, like lesbians and feminists, men are infuriated, perceiving as denial of entitled access. Women declaring their intent to love women creates obstacles to men ‘loving’ them.

Suddenly males are feminists (which is for females, but if you are a male and pro-feminist in deed you might feel okay calling yourself pro-feminist. The feminist movement doesn’t need you but we welcome your support—please work on your brothers) and lesbians (lesbian is a female-only word). Suddenly females can’t be alone again.

These are not accidents, these are trends. Male access to females has changed dramatically. It is becoming understood that women are equal in personhood—women of course have always known this. So men, depending on their geographical location and therefore pervasive local culture, will change the rules. Capitalism—everything is for sale. Anything at all you want to see a woman do or anything your porn-altered mind can imagine, you can pay for. If she doesn’t want to do it, it doesn’t matter. He paid for it and that entitles him, or it’s in the contract, or he’ll just pay the next one more, or he’ll do it anyway. Religion—they were created to be paired. Marriage is the norm, sex is in that contract too. Religion is twisted once by contextual history and again by the mores of the present. 

If he can’t ‘negotiate’, he will rape. One thing patriarchies have in common is endemic rape.  In these cultures the goal is to ease male access to female bodies—and to simultaneously fetishize and diminish femaleness and femininity. Women are either indoctrinated into the new lies or are left with little recourse against them. The worthlessness of female bodies and stories never leaves us, we experience the feedback loop all day. Rape is a uniquely patriarchal assault, and every other aspect of every patriarchal culture employs numerous means to obfuscate and downplay the meaning, effect, or motivation in rape.

Women do not live as men do. Our bodies are different. It is shocking to ignorant men how very profoundly being female changes you, in terms of your own body and its ongoing unique needs and maturations, how you see yourself, and others, and how you are seen. Evolution has changed females. Our bodies, our DNA, hold the answer, the only answer, to human life. We are necessarily imperative. Unfortunately for males they are not, and their mutated Y shows it. 

We can see distinct usually quantifiable differences between the sexes, these differences made easier to recognize (I wonder why?) by gender. In patriarchal cultures there is always danger is transgressing gender roles. In patriarchal cultures, female bodies and femininity are indeed punished so widely and severely that I can’t see how anyone could deny this is war. 

So what is the purpose of the oppression of female bodies and by extension women and femininity? And what is it that the males in most species have evolved to demand?



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