preliminary ruminations on my fantasy les-sep community

To start a separatist community you would first need one person. Then land. There’s lots of land where I currently live and it’s quite cheap but it’s very cold and we have heavy precipitation so the location would need to be properly vetted. We would need the opportunity for expansion but I don’t want to be overly secluded.

Once you can get the money for the land (a loan, the sale of a house, pooled savings, magic), you will realized you should have been researching for like a year first.

So you go back in time and in that year you either learned how to do many things, or you were even smarter and found people who not only already knew those things but also wanted to be in your sweet separatist community. Such experts would include women who were knowledgable in renewably energy resources and sustainability, plumbing and electricity, um probably a lawyer, then like someone who can direct the construction of a series of buildings. Or maybe you could hire some dick-wielders for that. I don’t want to be off the grid so much as I want to control my own energy and even give back to the grid. So we would have power and wifi like IMMEDIATELY that’s non-negotiable. 

So now you have one large building (we skipped a couple steps okay but I image a bunch of women with sleeves rolled up Rosie Riveting the shit out of some two-by-fours). In that building there would be small apartments and single rooms, each with their own bathroom and kitchen, or maybe women with children could have their own bathroom and the single rooms share one, dorm-style? Or both?

In another building or maybe attached I don’t know there’s a big kitchen and dining area where women can cook communally, there would be menus I assume and different women could ‘host’ different meals. Or you could cook your own food in your own kitchen. We make the kids do all the cleaning. Kidding.


Then we need a farm I guess we’ll have to hash it out with the vegans over whether we can have cows and chickens. As creator of this imaginary commune I declare we will have cows and chickens and we’ll be super-humane and there will be a vegan kitchen where no bloodmouths are allowed. Or at least no animal products. We definitely need a garden and a greenhouse for year-round crops. 

We should also have a school. I’ve given a lot of thought to homeschooling my own potential child because I think with modern technology being so interactive and with school being just unconducive to learning, and I think with a lot of research and a lot of learning, and experts in ECE and teachers and the like, we can figure out a smart as fuck, accurate, appropriate, and compassionate lesson plans for all ages. Could be split based on age group or subject where appropriate.

We would also need a midwife or doula or obgyn.

Short-term, some women would need to work. I speculate about 60% of the women in the community would need to work full-time to help cover start-up costs and unexpected finances. It would make the most sense to continue with those working or alternate but maintain 60% employment until the land is paid in full and any other outstanding debts are at the very least in good standing. 

I think it would make sense to encourage our community members to pursue education/experience in a field that will help the community as well as bring in money. Welding (which also makes great art), carpentry, plumbing, accounting, law, marketing, communications, mediation, etc. Depending on their own level of interest, of course.

Long-term, we need to make money. If we grow more than we consume, we can probably sell our produce. I would prefer to donate excess produce and make money in other ways. I was thinking an artisanal shop. People might think it’s neat to by art made by women, for women. We could sell candles made by the bees we keep, we could maybe have a kiln for pottery or glass, we could have art and books and things by the children as well. We could help each women set up her own etsy shop and/or we could create our own website where people can buy from all over the world, and some women could offer personalizations.

For the day to day, the women who work in the community will have different work from those who work outside it. Everyone has their talents, their preferences, and the things they don’t want to do, work/chore-wise. So every writes out those things. Then someone who is super good at matrixing will sort out who does what chore and when, and who doesn’t do what chores, etc. This is entered in against each woman’s work schedule, childcare needs, preferred rising and sleeping time, etc. There will be a ‘house schedule’ with everyone’s plans to more easily figure out vehicle needs, errands, etc. 

I keep thinking up new things to be considered but this is a fun start. My next concerns are the collective debt the women will undoubtedly bring, ‘man on the land’ rules, how to deal with conflicts/how to maintain equitable democracy. 

Other ideas/considerations? Someone else already mentioned that it needs to be within driving distance of a place that will hire women as some towns shut them out and drive them away for lack of work.


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