After everything women have been excluded from over millennia all the schools and professions and leadership roles, all the clubs and sports and games, all the board rooms and back rooms, after all this, women-only space is sexist.

Sexist. Against males. Who, as a class AND individually, have oppressed and supressed females as a class and individually since forever. Males who support a system that grooms women into hating other women and ‘competing’ for men (some fucking prize) against each other. Males who funnel women into family units that aren’t healthy, mask abuse, and extort and exploit women and girls. Males who think women’s bodies are commodities to be bought, sold, traded, and discarded, who think consent costs about $150, who steal girls and women to sell to other men to abuse either directly or over video. Men who rule the media that forces women to self-mutilate for no benefit to us, merely keeping us compliant, self-obsessed, consuming, and pre-pubsecent. 

By needing places to ourselves, to heal from the unrelenting assaults against us by MALES and PATRIARCHY, we are sexist.

For what men have done to women, what they continue to do to us, sexism is too weak a word. They have committed spiritual and literal murder of women. They have stolen from us our wholeness and our history, and would deprive us of any way to get it back. They would use our own words against us, twist us and our movement into something that pleases them. They infiltrate and corrupt from within. They are poison to our solidarity and THEY KNOW IT. The idea that they think they belong, that we are cruel to disinclude them, that we are SEXIST, shows how very willfully ignorant they are to why WOMEN need feminism—as protection against whom and from what—and what sexism aka misogyny actually feels like. They are too cowardly to name themselves as agents of patriarchy so they name us, and we are left defending ourselves TO them even as we defend ourselves AGAINST them.

No real pro-feminist male would EVER declare that women-only spaces are sexist. Pro-feminist males understand the patriarchy, accept their collusion with it, and work hard to help women find one another and heal, while addressing ACTUAL sexism with other men.

Always question why males would rail against females helping and healing ourselves and each other.


(originally posted on tumblr but since it’s been making the rounds again I thought I’d repost it here. Hope to be adding more original content very soon)