Heterosexuality is anti-feminist

Radical feminism needs to examine heterosexuality the same way we do BDSM. Most radfems seem to agree that there can be no true consent in BDSM because of our patriarchal culture informing all of our decisions and preferences. BDSM is a hyper-aggressive sexually hierarchal microcosm of heterosexuality. 

But we cannot stop the critical thinking there. It’s imperative that we view heterosexuality in similar terms. Heterosexuality and by proxy intercourse is harmful to women for a multitude of reasons, and learning that it is unavoidable is extremely harmful to girl children.

For those who are heterosexual and choose to be with men, please do think this action is feminist. It’s not. I’m of the mind that any sexual interaction with the male sex class is implicit encouragement for the continued oppression of women. This is radical, I’m aware. But women as a class cannot consent under a patriarchy. Individually, women can only make informed consent, which is like saying, ‘I know he could beat me, rape me, or kill me, and statistically speaking it’s likely he’ll do one of the three, but I want to be with him anyway.’ That’s fine for you. It’s not fine for everyone else. It’s not fine for our next generation of girls who need to see women standing alone and women standing with women.

Heterosexuality is not feminist. It’s a method of keeping women unnecessarily bound to men to provide sex, free labour, and children to be indoctrinated into more of the same.